Sustainable Commuting Badge for Cycle to Work Scheme Members

Demonstrate to customers & employees that you’re an eco-conscious company

The Cycle Solutions ‘Sustainable Commuting Badge’ recognises organisations who are signed up to our Cycle to Work Scheme, encouraging employees to commute without carbon emissions. Not only does the badge validate your commitment to eco-friendly work journeys, but it also sets you apart from competitors for consumers and prospective employees alike.

Read our guidelines below to see what criteria you must follow for the Sustainable Commuting Badge.

Sustainable Commuting Badge

The Criteria

  • Show a committed, long-term approach to cycling.
  • Increase employee uptake of the benefit year on year.
  • Educate employees about the benefits of cycling.
  • Understand the business facilities needed to make cycling accessible to all.

And are:

  • Signed up to the Cycle Solutions Cycle to Work Scheme
  • Have a minimum of 10 employees.
  • Based in the UK.

The Benefits

  • The Sustainable Commuting Badge can be used in email signatures, letter heads, on your company website and on social media.
  • You can also use it on plaques or certificates that are displayed inside or outside your building.
  • For consumers and clients, it gives an insight into your company values, demonstrating that you are supporters of sustainable journeys to work and an active workplace.
  • It’s great for recruitment, showing you are an employer who wants to boost morale and encourage a healthier way of commuting.

We help you and your staff adopt this approach through providing free of charge marketing materials including webinars, in-person events, presentations, and bespoke company specific materials.

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