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Cycle to Work Scheme benefits with Cycle Solutions

Cycle to Work Scheme benefits

This government backed initiative allows employees to acquire bikes and accessories through their workplace, making unbeatable savings through the Cycle to Work Scheme tax exemption. Whether it’s improving morale in the office, cutting commuting costs or helping to save the planet, this popular employee reward is a key perk of the workplace.

Discover more about the bike to work scheme benefits below.

Employer Benefits

  • Signing up is completely free.
  • We’ll take care of all the admin.
  • Cut your NI contributions by 13.8%.
  • Great incentive for employees.
  • Build a healthier and happier workplace.
  • Reduce parking and congestion problems.

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Employee Benefits

  • Save up to 49% on tax-free bikes and accessories.
  • Instalments are automatically deducted from your salary.
  • Zero tax or National Insurance paid on your new bike.
  • No big end of scheme payments.
  • Cut commuting costs.
  • Pay nothing upfront.

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Cycle to Work Scheme savings

Employees can save up to 49% on a tax-free bike and accessories. To get an instant estimation of how much you could save, check out our Cycle to Work Scheme calculator.

Savings Calculator

Your saving calculation

Total cost of goods:
Salary sacrifice: (from your Gross Pay each pay period)
Actual pay period cost: (from your pocket in each pay period)
Total cost: (over months)
You save:

This value is an estimate based on the information you have provided. The value is subject to change depending on the individual parameters on your employer's scheme. For a more accurate value please ask your employer for their scheme code.


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