Which Is My Perfect Bicycle?


Riding a bike to work can bring with it a newfound sense of freedom, but which bike is best for you?

Finding the perfect companion for your commute can be tricky when there is a plethora of different bikes to choose from, with comfort top on the agenda of requirements.

Whether your journey includes public transport, precarious terrain or sleek and smooth roads, our handy guide is here to steer you in the right direction.

Hybrid bikes

Pros: Pretty quick, very versatile, comfortable upright positioning.

Cons: Not ideal for longer distances.

A hybrid is exactly as it sounds – a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. In essence, it’s a road bike inspired by a mountain bike, with flat handlebars and more upright positioning for visibility, control and comfort.

With wider tyres than a road bike, the hybrid is perfect for high speed on road, whilst being strong enough for gravel paths and mixed terrain.

Its unrivalled versatility makes it the bike most commuters turn to, although make sure yours comes with disc brakes for a powerful, predictable, and reliable option in all manner of weather conditions.

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Gravel or cyclocross bikes

Pros: Easy to adapt and a comfy ride.

Cons: Not as speedy on tarmac as a road bike.

If you’re on the hunt for a tougher version of the road bike, this is the one for you.

Gravel, adventure and cyclocross bikes are suitable for varied terrain – perfect if your commute involves a combination of tarmac and bridleways.

Generally lighter than mountain bikes, these are another versatile pick for your ride to work. With provisions to mount mudguards, racks and multiple bottle cages, they’ll also prove useful if you need to take bags to the office.

Quick on road but tough enough for multi-terrain, these are an excellent option for all-weather commuters.

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Electric bikes

Pros: Good for cycling longer distances even with baggage, a decent alternative to driving

Cons: Weighty, will need recharging

For a helping hand up those steep hills, electric bikes are the perfect commuting choice. Also known as ebikes, they are becoming increasingly popular in the cycling market.

Although generally heavier and bulkier than a standard bike, the surge of power at your fingertips gives you that extra assistance.

Don’t be fooled though, an electric bike won’t do all the work for you! You’ll still have to do some pedalling, but it will help you go that extra mile – particularly helpful if you live far from the office but want to cycle to work.

Costing pennies to run with zero tax or insurance, electric bikes could be the newest green, clean and most efficient form of transport.

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Road bikes

Pros: Fast and fun riding.

Cons: It’s not too sturdy for multi-terrain.

For a super speedy ride to work, road bikes are your go-to.

Designed purely for efficiency and pace, they are extremely light and aerodynamic on tarmac, but unforgiving when it comes to rough or unmetalled roads.

Dubbed the best way to ride long distances quickly, these will certainly ensure a quick commute – although be weary that their fast-rolling tyres are susceptible to punctures, so you might want to swap to a sturdier tyre for the journey to work.

It’s also worth noting that although a carbon road bike is the lighter ride, value for money and durability should also be on the tick list!

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Folding bikes

Pros: Great for commutes involving public transport.

Cons: Not as comfortable as a full-sized bike.

For commuters who need to use public transport on their way to work, or take their bike into the office, life is made much simpler with a folding bike.

Especially lightweight and super portable, these nifty bikes double down into easily transportable packages, making them simple to store pretty much anywhere.

Although, if you’re used to a regular bike, you will notice some differences in how a folding bike operates: its smaller wheels make it a bit slower on the road, they’re not as comfortable, and they don’t lend themselves to long journeys or especially tall riders.

You can find folding bikes with larger wheels, but these face the issue of being less compact, so some trains or buses might have a problem with allowing them onboard!

However, if convenience, simple storage and being able to hop on a train are on your list of requirements, a folding bike is the commuter choice for you.

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Fixed gear / single speed bikes

Pros: Quick commuting on flat terrain, value for money.

Cons: Not very adaptable to various terrain or hills.

Fixed gear bikes are the ultimate in both durability and simplicity! With no gears to go wrong with and less moving parts, these bikes are cheap to buy and maintain.

With one chainring and one rear cog, you choose a gear which enables you to cover the terrain on your upcoming journey.

After you’ve got the gear in place that works for you, a single speed bike is wonderfully simple. Often favoured by couriers, hip city lovers and flat road commuters, their appeal is understandable. Largely fuss-free and low maintenance, they are the ideal companion for flat journeys to work.

Some single speeds use a fixed gear, also known as ‘fixie’ bikes. Similarly to a track bike, fixed gear bikes don’t have the capability to freewheel – meaning you can’t coast and have to pedal constantly.

Riding a fixie can be tricky if you’re new to cycling, so they’re probably not the best option for beginners.

On the other hand, if you’re dabbling between wanting a fixed or freewheel single speed bike, you can choose one with a flip-flop. This is where one side has a fixed gear sprocket, and the other has a freewheel – giving you the option to switch between the two.

If your ride to work is pretty flat, or you’re physically fit, the single speed bike is for you. Otherwise, consider a cyclocross or hybrid.

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Mountain bikes

Pros: Upright riding position.

Cons: Heavier and slower on smooth terrain.

Mountain bikes are a common choice for tough terrain commuters, being naturally upright and sturdy for the bumpiest of rides.

Although, they can be slower on road due to their chunky tyres and suspension. Try swapping these out for more slick tyres to unleash its full commuting potential if your journey is mostly on smooth roadways.

It’s also worth steering away from mountain bikes with full suspension if its main use will be for commuting, as you could be paying for something you’ll rarely use.

If your commute is mainly on rough roads with slippery cycle paths, this is the one for you.

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Touring bikes

Pros: Efficient luggage carrier and comfortable.

Cons: Not as speedy as its road bike sibling.

For some people, the touring bike is simply the best all-rounder. Designed for long distances on road, they’re a tougher version of the road bike, with a more relaxed riding position.

Tourers are also great luggage carriers, with strong frames, two attachment points for racks and wide tyres to ensure a stable ride. These bigger tyres also come in handy for negotiating bumpy, potholed city streets whilst lugging bags around.

Drop handlebars are a common aspect of the UK versions, enabling you to find a riding position that suits you. Plus, they’re super narrow, allowing you to weave your way through the traffic!

For what it gains in pounds over a road bike, the tourer makes up for in its comfort, durability and ability to negotiate rough roads – a practical alternative.

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Women’s bikes

Pros: Keeping women comfortable for their commute.

Cons: Can be tricky with sizing.

You may have noticed a growing number of bikes are now available on the market that are specifically designed with women in mind, and you might be wondering, what makes them different to a men’s bike?

Well, women use different muscles than men when they’re cycling, namely the exterior thigh muscle.

Therefore, it’s important that your bike gives you optimum comfort whilst riding.

With shorter top tubes to enable an easier reach to the handlebars and female-friendly saddles, women’s bikes have been created to reduce discomfort from numbness or pain in the sit bones.

Plus, the variety, style and price point of these bikes are now better than ever due to an ever-expanding market.

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