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What bikes are available through the Cycle to Work Scheme?


Whether you’re newly getting into cycling or fancy a bike you can use for both your commute and the hills, there is a range of bikes available through the bike to work scheme. Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Electric Bikes and Hybrid Bikes are all part of the huge offering the scheme provides.

Plus, you’re not just limited to bikes. Clothing, helmets, lights and lots of other scheme approved gear is available through your scheme provider.

What’s more, the scheme used to limit spend to £1,000 per employee. However, new guidance means that your employer can choose their own scheme limits to better suit their needs. Find out more about the guidance update.

What bike is suitable for my needs?

Everyone’s commute is different and the scheme offers a range of different bike types. With an enhanced scheme limit, employees no longer have to compromise on the best suitable equipment to stay under the existing £1,000 limit and instead can pick a bike that is perfect for their needs.


Electric bikes are now available on the Cycle to Work Scheme. Electric bikes or E-bikes are a speedy, but eco-friendly way to get around. Faster than traditional bikes, the pedals are assisted by an electrical boost providing users with the ability to ride further and for longer. If there are a lot of hills or slopes in the commute, E-bikes provide a more pleasant riding experience than traditional bikes, with less pedalling effort required. This also gives less experienced riders or those with lower fitness levels the opportunity to be able to cycle to work comfortably.

Mixed Commuters

A large proportion of those who commute, especially those with a longer journey may need to utilise multiple transport methods such as a train or bus. For these types of commuters, a folding bike is a perfect solution as they are versatile and compact without compromising on any main features. Folding bikes can be packed down small to fit into apartments, on trains and even under desks. Perfect for carrying on to public transport, these bikes are much more lightweight than typical bikes - however, it’s always good to check the weight before selecting your bike to ensure that you can carry it up flights of stairs or anywhere else you are unable to ride it.

Folding bikes can also be more secure, as they are easier to carry into the workplace and store inside, negating the need to lock them up outside where they can be open to theft. Lastly, due to the lightweight nature, the wheels tend to be much smaller making them agile and speedy, but less suitable for long journeys as they may not be as comfortable as traditional bikes. However, folding bikes have many advantages and are perfect for those in need of an adaptable mode of transport.

Specialist Cycles

Riders who require additional support often look for adapted or specialist cycles. Luckily, bikes are now more inclusive than ever, and adaptations can be made for many different types of requirements. These are often built from scratch, in order to suit the rider. In the past, they were often priced outside of the traditional limit due to this custom element, but this is no longer the case.

Where can I acquire bike to work scheme bikes

When you sign up to the scheme through Cycle Solutions, there is a range of different shopping options when it comes to finding the perfect package. This gives you the opportunity to browse some of the biggest brands, including Specialized, Giant and Cannondale.

Cycle Solutions Partner shops

Cycle Solutions partner with over 1,250 independent bike retailers all over the UK, meaning you’re never far from an affiliated shop, where you can take a look at the relevant products before deciding on what you need. Even if your local shop isn’t listed, we can simply enquire with them directly! Find a bike shop near you.

Find a bike online

You can also browse via Cycle Solutions directly; with your very own unique webpages that are specific to your organisation. This takes the guesswork out of what is or isn’t available within your scheme limits, showing you only the bikes and/or accessories accessible to you.

How do I sign up?

If you’re an employer, it’s really easy to kick off the application process! Simply request a callback and one of our experts will get in touch with you.

Alternatively, if you’re an employee, you can fill in a short form to refer your employer to the scheme – and we’ll take care of the rest.

To find out more about the Cycle to Work Scheme, check out our FAQs.