Silly Commuter Racing

If you’re the competitive type, or you look for ways to amuse yourself whilst commuting, then this is a great pastime for you!

Silly Commuter Racing is simply a collection of witty and tongue-in-cheek rules regarding passing fellow cyclists. Anything dangerous or illegal is strictly forbidden, only safe, legal overtaking is permitted.

Put as succinctly as possible, you get points for overtaking anyone who looks like they should be faster than you. You lose points for being overtaken by anyone who looks like they should be slower than you are. This pecking order is decided by the bike you ride, the clothes you wear and the luggage you have. A calculator can be found on the site here:

It is important at all times to act like you’re not putting any effort in, after all: It’s not a race!

So get out there and start “collecting scalps”, the more seriously you take it, the more convoluted the rules get, the funnier it all seems. Check out the original forum thread for inspiration:

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