No Sweat

Speaking as a cycle commuter, working in a smart office, getting sweaty is a major worry. But if you follow these simple tips, you can arrive at work refreshed and relaxed.

Pace yourself - Physical exertion generates heat, if you ride at a more gentle speed, you won’t get as hot. Riding slightly slower won't add much to your journey time, but will save effort and keep you cooler. It will even give you a chance to see the sights and enjoy being outdoors.

Pack up your troubles - Carrying your stuff in a pannier or bar-bag instead of on your back will increase air circulation around your body.

Keep cool - Wearing lighter, more breathable clothing (and less of it) will help keep you cool and aid air circulation. A good quality jersey or a base layer will help wick sweat away from the body. British Cycling say that when you're riding, you should dress for around 10 degrees colder than you normally would. But make sure you carry a jacket as you don’t want to become chilled!

Prepare for all weathers - For an organised rider, wet weather commutes can be as easy as in the dry. Top of the list is a breathable, lightweight waterproof jacket and trousers along with good quality mudguards. A change of socks and shoes should be all you need at the other end for a dry day at work.

Pump up! - Correctly inflated tyres reduce rolling resistance and therefore effort needed to cycle. The optimum tyre pressure will be written on the wall of your tyres. A guide to pumps is found here.

Get the buzz - Electric bikes are a great way to minimise effort on your commute. Using a motor, they provide assistance while you pedal up to 15mph! Combining gentle exercise with eco-friendly battery power is a winner and explains the growth in the popularity of electric bikes.

Start clean - If there are no showers in the workplace, have a shower in the morning before your commute. That way, if you do sweat, at least it'll be clean sweat!

Keep a survival kit at work - Storing deodorant, hair products, a towel and shower gel or wet wipes (depending on facilities) at the office means you can scrub up before you clock-in.

Be an early bird - It’s always worth leaving a few minutes early. In the best case scenario, it will give you a while to cool down and freshen up. In the worst case scenario, it will allow any time for hold ups or mechanical problems!

Fitness - Even gentle cycling will get you fit, and as fitness levels slowly increase you will find your ride to work less strenuous and therefore you will sweat less.

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