Mudguard Guide

Getting covered in road grime is no fun, even if you’re in your waterproofs. The best solution is to buy a quality set of mudguards.

What to look for:

Coverage – the more of the wheel that is covered and the closer the mudguard is to the tyre the less chance of any mud getting past.

Weight – the more you pay, the lighter a guard will be.

Styling – there are some great looking guards out there, whether you want traditional or modern, theres something for you.

Sizing – make sure it fits your wheel size (usually 26 inch or 700c) and check that it is compatible with your frame and fork fittings.

Here is our pick of the best out there:

Portland Design Works Sodapop ClipOn Fenders - £12

If you’re on a tight budget, these stylish and simple mudguards from American brand PDW will be great for you. They are made entirely from recycled plastic bottles so are great for the environment.

Crud Urban Racepac Mudguard Pair - £20.99 (black or white)

Mr Crud (also known as Pete Tomkins) has come up with this set containing the updated Crud and Race guards.

True universal fit allows attachment to any bike with the supplied fittings.

Crud Road Racer Mudguards MK2 - £29.99 (700c)

UK made, adjustable and lightweight. Another innovative product from Crud

  • Innovative fitting system allows the Road Racer to be fitted on bikes with exceptionally close clearance where traditional mudguards won’t go
  • Flexible plastic blade and breakaway fittings prevent a wheel locking should a foreign object get caught between the mudguard and the wheel or frame
  • In-built and replaceable pile brushes allow the guard to ’hover’ close to the tyre without rubbing, and negate the need for tough, heavy fittings and keeps the mudguard guard central over the wheel
  • Minimalist design looks good on even the most high end road bikes
  • Made in the U.K.
  • 180 grams

Topeak Defender Road R1/R2 Mudguard Set - £39.99 (700c only)

High quality polycarbonate and stainless steel mudguards offering road riders great spray protection. Unique quick release mounting system requires no tools. Fits road tyres up to 700x23C.

  • Adjustable rubber band system with quick release centre bolt clip for easy attachment and removal
  • Adjustable angle and position for perfect tyre coverage
  • R1: 36x20x10cm, R2: 46x26x12cm
  • R1: 105g, R2: 130g

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