Light Guide

Legally a rider must have sufficient lights and reflectors on their bike between sunset and sunrise, so when you are cycling to work it is important to make sure you are visible to other road users. A good light set is a must if you are planning on using your bike for your daily commute. Here are some points to remember:

  1. One front light is required that conforms to EC standards
  2. It must be white
  3. One rear light is required that conforms to EC standards
  4. It must be red
  5. You can have the light on a constant mode or flashing, but it is recommended that you use a constant mode in areas with no street lighting
  6. If a light can only flash it must emit at least 4 candelas

As well as making sure you are easy to spot and are covered legally there are other factors to take into consideration when buying your lights.

·    Brightness – The brighter a light is, the more you can see and the more easily you can be seen.
·    Field of vision – The wider the angle that light is displayed at, the more visible you are and the more visibility you have. Some lights have extra bulbs on their sides and others use mirrors to increase the light throw.
·    Ease of fitment – No one likes faffing about and these lights all come with secure and easy fasteners.
·    Toughness – Good lights are resistant to bangs, scrapes and water. The best lights are completely waterproof.
·    Lightweight – Lights will inevitably add some weight to your bike, but many lights are now incredibly small and compact.
·    Price – Decide between entry level, mid-level or high end depending on your needs and budget. You might want to consider a rechargeable set with a USB connector.
At Cycle Solutions we have a great range of lights that will keep you safe and seen in the winter months. Here are some of our favourites:

Best light sets:

Lezyne Macro Front and Micro Rear Light
A compact set of lights that is easy to fit and lightweight. The front light is rechargeable and comes with a USB cable.

Cateye EL-520/LD-610 Light Set
A powerful light set that comes with two options for brightness. Easy to attach and great value.

Smart Polaris 7 Lux Front with 7 LED Rear Light Set
If you are on a budget then this set is for you. A great set for being seen, but you might need to back them up with another light if you need to light your path.

Best front lights:

Moon Gem 2.0 USB Rechargeable Front LED Light
A good front light for commuters in built up areas, a great price and it’s rechargeable, so saves you buying batteries.

Cateye Nano Shot RC EL620RC
This light provides enough light to help you ride along back roads safely so it can be used in more rural areas. It also has a USB charger port too.

Moon Meteor 210 Lumen USB Rechargeable Front Light
Another rechargeable front light, it comes with quick release brackets so you can take it with you in your bag, can be attached to your helmet or bike and a short charge time.

Best rear lights:

Knog Skink 4 LED Light
All Knog lights have an easy to use clip on feature that makes them easy to put on and take off in a hurry. The Skink also comes in a variety of colours and a variable beam direction.

Lezyne Micro Drive LED Rear Light
A clean, simple, well designed rear light that will be suitable for lit and un-lit areas. It has a clean snap system so you can take the light off leaving the bracket attached and is easy to turn off and on.

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