Get Seen!

When you're commuting, the main aim is staying safe. The best way to do that (in addition to cycling carefully) is to make sure you're constantly visible to other road users.

Here are our tips for maximum visibility:

Pulsar 3M Adhesive Reflective Tape - £10.49 per roll

Stick this stuff all over your bike and gear. It's super reflective and easy to apply.

Pulsar 3M Reflective Sash - £10.99

Add a flash of reflective colour above your clothes, whatever you're wearing.

Respro Hi-viz Hang Tags - £10.99

Dangle these tags from a bag or jacket, the movement will attract attention and get you noticed.

Use silver Reflexite, which is a reflective material.

Tough UV stabilised PVC material will ensure a long life. Can be attached using the built-in press studs, which are aligned to mount onto vertical straps or loops.

Pulsar 3M Reflective Vest - £14.99

A step up from a simple sash is this hi-viz jacket with reflectivestripes. Great for being seen from any angle.

Respro Hi-viz Hump Reflective Rucsac Cover - £35.99

It's a great idea to cover your backpack or pannier in bright and reflective materials to increase rear and side visibility.

  • Made from 100% Nikalite reflective
  • Waterproof reusable packing bag
  • Extra space for additional items
  • Reflective Glass bead technology
  • Waterproof Taped seams
  • Fluorescent red rear patch for daytime visibility
  • Mesh pocket for quick access and rear LED
  • Elasticised edging and press stud fasteners ensure that the Hump fits snugly over your rucsac or pannier bag and will not flap around
  • Can also be used to cover bike pannier bags for increased visibility

All these great products add to the ability of road users to see you. Remember to supplement these great products with a good set of lights when cycling at night.

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