Essentials: Bike Locks

Lock out thieves!

Unfortunately there are many thieves around who would like to steal your bike. The best way to keep them at bay is an effective lock.

Sold Secure ratings are one of the best ways to see the level of security gained from a lock. The Sold Secure ratings are Bronze, Silver or Gold and refer to how difficult it is to break the lock. Many insurance companies will require the lock used by a customer to have a Sold Secure rating.

Types of lock:

  • Cable locks are flexible and light but can be compromised with tools such as bolt croppers.
  • Chain locks are very secure and flexible but are very heavy!
  • U-locks (also called D-locks) are the best compromise between usability, lightweight and security.

The golden rule with cycle security is to make sure the lock goes through the frame and also through an immovable object (ideally purpose built bike stands).

Here is our pick of 5 different locks for a variety of different budgets and applications:

Master Lock Street Fortum U-lock (from £44.99) Sold Secure Gold

One of the best value U-locks with Sold Secure Gold rating. This bonus pack also includes cable and carrier bracket making it even better value. The lifetime guarantee, which Master Lock offer on this lock, ensures piece of mind.


Kryptonite Series 2 U-lock with 4ft cable (£39.99) Sold Secure Silver

This lock is excellent value, combining a Sold Secure Silver rated U-lock with a 4ft cable that could be used for securing wheels and seats for added protection. The patented locking mechanism is super strong and the vinyl coated steel shaft provides high strength without scratching your frame. A rotating dust cover provides protection from dust and dirt.

Abus Bordo 6000 Folding Lock (£79.99 - 84.99)

This interesting design uses a concertina folding mechanism, which enables a compact size despite using substantial steel plates for the body. The lock mechanism uses Abus’ extra class lock cylinder and key. A soft touch silicon coating prevents any scratches to your pride and joy.


Abus Granit Plus 51 U-Lock (£69.99 - £74.99) Sold Secure Gold

This lock is one of our favourites. It comes with a Sold Secure Gold rating and a variety of brackets to attach to your bike. Its shaft is constructed from 13mm hardened steel and is very resistant to pulling forces. The lock mechanism is resistant to picking and damage.

Oxford HD 1 Metre Chain Lock (£29.99)

This is a heavy-duty chain lock with square 9.5mm links and a tough double locking padlock. Great value lock.


So there’s our top 5. Choose wisely and remember; if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

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