Best 2014 Road Bikes Under £1,000


Luckily, for the modern day commuter, using our cycle to work scheme, there is a great deal of choice if you decide to go for a road bike and only have £1,000 to spend (this year, we have an astonishing 235 different models to choose from). There are, however, a few rules you should follow when picking your bike to ensure you get the best deal for your money...

  • If you can afford it, get a bike that costs over £500. If you go under this then the quality of the frame and components starts to drop quite rapidly, and you wont enjoy the ride as much.
  • Buy from a well established and respected manufacturer (all brands in this article are a good example of this). They have produced quality products and built up a good reputation for a reason.
  • Frame over components. If a bike is being sold on the quality of its components, it's probably because the frame is lacking for the price. Go for the better frameset, you can always upgrade the components later when they begin to wear out.
  • Make sure it's right for you! There's no point in picking a bike because of its colour/price/size if it's not what you need, isn't comfortable or just isn't practical.
  • Also, an unwritten rule to buying a road bike, is to buy a set of gel padded shorts or bib shorts, just to offset the width of the saddle (which can sometimes feel like you are riding on a blade!!).

Apart from that, you are in charge! There are hundreds of bikes you can choose from on our website, so you might find it hard to make a selection. To help you out, we have picked some of our favourite 2014 bikes we think you will like.

£300 - £650

At this price point, you will mainly find our entry-level road bike ranges, generally sporting an aluminium fork (with a few models at the higher end boasting a carbon composite fork) and Sunrace to Shimano Claris groupsets.

Dawes Giro 300 £379.99

This aluminium road bike is a great value bike with a basic Shimano group-set. Ideal for beginners or experienced riders looking for a cheaper run around or a winter training bike. This bike is also available in a female version.

Giant Defy 5 £499.00

The entry level Giant Defy model, using the Giant ALUXX frame material found all the way up to the Defy 2 (£799.00), this bike comes fully equipped with the all new for 2014 Shimano Claris group-set and also aluminium fork.

Merida Speeder T2 Flat Bar £549.99

This bike is speedy and great for your average commute if you stick to the roads. It has a Shimano entry level group set, and the flatbar style alters your riding position to an upright position making it more comfortable.

Giant Defy 4 £599.00

Not much to say about this one... this model is almost identical in specification with the Giant 2014 Defy 5, but with one massive exception - the carbon fibre fork, providing more stiffness in the frame, further allowing increased pedalling power and speed.

Specialized Allez £600.00

Using the lightweight Specialized A1 aluminium frame, and inspired by the Specialized Tarmac, this bike delivers excellent speed and handling, making you love every minute of your ride. An efficient and reliable piece of equipment.

And for the ladies

When it comes to women's bikes, there has been a lot of talk in the past within the cycle industry of "shrinking & pinking it". Many of the more well known brands, such as Specialized, Giant, Scott, Felt etc have moved away from this in recent years, where they are now engineering the women's frames from the ground up, making the frame slightly shorter with raised handlebars, so that the ride is much more comfortable. They also come with a women's specific saddle, which is designed to compliment wider sit bones and a differently shaped pelvis.

Giant Avail 5 Womens £499.00

The entry level Giant Avail is the female version of the Giant Defy 5, and the bike comes fully equipped with the all new for 2014 Shimano Claris group-set and also aluminium fork.

Specialized Dolce Womens £650.00

A lightweight and comfortable bike, this comes as standard with a full Shimano Claris group-set, and comes with the option of upgrading to the Dolce Equipped for an extra £20.00, giving you a colour co-ordinated set of bottle cages and a saddle bag within the price of the bike.

£650 - £800

At this price point, you will notice that most of the bikes come with a carbon composite fork as standard, which allows for increased pedalling power and speed. These bikes are generally seen with Shimano Claris to Shimano Sora or even SRAM Apex gears.

Specialized Secteur Triple £650.00

The Secteur boasts a Roubaix-inspired frame and is stable, smooth and quick. Also with the added benefit of shock absorbers in the fork and seat-stays, helps you to feel as comfortable as possible. This bike also comes with the popular Shimano Claris group-set, giving you 24 gears to choose from.

Eastway FB 3.0 Flat Bar £749.00

Designed and supplied by Fisher Outdoor Leisure, this bike is "built for the British roads", sporting 10speed SRAM road gears and high quality Avid Hydraulic disc brakes, you can be sure that whatever the mileage, this tough urban road bike is the right machine for the job.

Cannondale Caad8 Sora £749.99

Using Cannondales award winning Caad8 frame, this bike is built for the enthusiastic commuter and is perfect for an all year/winter bike. Coming with the Shimano Sora group-set, with its technology filtered down from last years Tiagra, you are sure to love riding this bike time and time again.

Merida Ride Alloy 91 £749.99

With its comfortable geometry, smooth running ride and Shimano Sora set-up, this bike will keep you wanting to ride everyday of the week. Great for those longer weekend rides and endurance sportives, as well as the all important cycle to work.

Eastway R4.0 £799.00

A road bike built for the UK roads, now this bike is something to shout about. With its high-spec aluminium frame and quality SRAM Apex components with durable E24 wheels, you can have the confidence every time you ride.

And for the ladies

Merida Alloy Juliet 91 £749.99

Merida have designed this bike for riders that want a more relaxed riding position. Combine this with its specific women's geometry and you have a comfortable and efficient ride without spending too much!

Giant Avail 2 Womens £799.00

An up-rated version of the avail 5 mentioned earlier, sporting a carbon fibre front fork and a 20 speed compact tiagra group-set, this bike is a great place to start with the possibility of future upgrades.

£800 - £1,000

As you would expect, at this price point you will be seeing upgraded specification galore, with some of the frames such as the Giant Defy 1 being upgraded from the lower-spec models with ALUXX frames to ALUXX SL frames, contributing to creating a lighter and higher performance level bike. In this range, you will generally see the bikes pulling up with Shimano Tiagra to Shimano 105 gears.

Merida Scultura Alloy 903 £849.99

Sporting the Merida Lampre team colours of black, green and pink, this bike boasts race inspired geometry and performance, giving you the impression and feel of joining Team Lampre in the Tour de France. This bike is one of our more popular models in the Merida road bike.

Specialized Allez Elite £900.00

A perpetually popular road bike which will never go out of style. This bike offers great acceleration and handling, making it perfect for aspiring racers and also commuters. Also coming with a "Body Geometry" saddle makes for the perfect combination of saddle comfort and efficiency.

Now for the crowing jewels of the £1,000 price point...

Merida Scultura Alloy 904 £999.99

Running with full Shimano 105 componentry and a lighter frame than the lower priced models, the Scultura 904 is a popular bike among commuters and racers alike. Great for building on your fitness levels on your daily commute and preparing for racing events.

A Best Seller!

Giant Defy 1 £999.00

Innovative alloy design meets endurance road geometry. Stay comfortable as you push beyond your comfort zone. This bike gives you the performance and handling normally seen on bikes costing hundreds of pounds more.

And for the ladies

Specialized Dolce Sport Equipped £870.00

This bike has been specially designed, with the female rider in mind, whether you are looking to tackle the commute to work, a nice weekend ride or the upcoming century sportive. Coming fully equipped with colour coded saddle bag and bottle cages, you can rest assured you can get on this bike as soon as you receive it.

Giant Avail 1 £999.00

Cycling Plus Bike of The Year. A lightweight and comfortable road bike. The Avail 1 also offers improved handling and is slightly taller for optimised endurance positioning. This bike boasts the same endurance geometry as Giant Defy advanced perfected specifically for women riders.

Not what you're looking for? Take a look at our full range of road bikes to find your perfect ride.

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