Best 2014 Mountain Bikes Under £1,000


Mountain bikes have come a long way from the "rigid" frame days of old, they now come with a variety of types of suspension, whether this be a hardtail (front suspension) or a full suspension bike (front and rear suspension), many also now come with disc brakes and a variety of wheel sizes, and from the selection we have available, it is easy to get flustered about what you like compared with what you think you need.

Mountain bikes also now come with a range of wheel sizes, whether the size is 26", 27.5" / 650B or 29", and all of them come with their own benefits and unique style points, these include:

  • 26" wheels - this wheel size has been around for years, and in many cases, is the wheel size of choice. With its smaller wheels and tyre size, this bike is very easy to ride on and off-road, taking technical courses and tight turns with ease.
  • 27.5" / 650b wheels - this is a new wheel size to the UK market, and pulls in the off road capabilities of the 26" wheel, where this wheel size really comes in to its own on those technical courses, along with the running speed and added benefit of riding over larger pot-holes and ditches with less loss of momentum. The 27.5" / 650b wheels have been openly adopted by Scott & Giant as the future of mountain biking, however, they still offer all wheel sizes.
  • 29" wheels - this wheel size has been highly adopted by Specialized as the wheel size of the future, and can be found across their range, with the Specialized Rockhopper range only available with the 29" wheel. This wheel size is ideal for those courses where you can build up more speed (due to the larger wheels) and where the path is much more uneven. This wheel size can be ideal for commuting to work, allowing you to cycle much faster than on the 26" wheels.

Once you have chosen which wheel size you feel would be right for you, you will notice that there are hundreds of bikes on our website to choose from. Below, we have picked some of our favourite 2014 bikes we think you will like, just to help you along.

£300 - £650

At this price point, you will see the gradual progression in technology on the bikes, from the appearance of front suspension (and also lockout on the more expensive models) and disc brakes, vastly improving your braking performance when riding off-road in the mud and wet, where V-brakes begin to lack in power (due to slipping).

26" Wheel

Felt Six 90 £329.00

Felts entry-level mountain bike with disc brakes (upgraded from the Six 95 at £299.00). This bike is ideal for people looking for a mountain bike to take on the roads and light off-road riding, making it the choice of many for commuting to work.

GT Aggressor 1.0 £429.99

With GT's mountain bike building history, you are sure to find a quality bike in your price range. This model comes with 80mm front suspension, and basic Shimano gearing, along with mechanical disc brakes, making this bike easy to maintain and keep running smoothly.

27.5" / 650b Wheel

Scott Aspect 750 £449.00

Scott have invested heavily into the 27.5" / 650b market, meaning that this bike is an easy choice for most, with colour coded components, mechanical lockout and disc brakes.

Giant Talon 27.5 3 £625.00

A good frame, with good specification, this bike boasts 30 speed Shimano deore gearing and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, along with 100mm suspension with hydraulic lockout, this bike feels at home on light off-road trails as well as the roads.

29" Wheel

Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc £500.00

Aimed at entry-level riders, this price tag is competitive and provides great value for money. Offering with it entry-level Shimano gearing and an 80mm front suspension with the option to lock out, makes this an all round bike for any part of your journey to work.

Specialized Rockhopper £650.00

The Rockhopper range has steadily improved year on year, from the first model released back in the 1980's. With this kind of heritage, the Rockhopper has been the bike of choice for many embarking on their first mountain bike adventures, along with use on the roads and cycle paths.

And for the ladies

When it comes to women's bikes, there has been a lot of talk in the past within the cycle industry of "shrinking & pinking it". Many of the more well known brands, such as Specialized, Giant, Scott, Felt etc have moved away from this in recent years, where they are now engineering the women's frames from the ground up, making the frame slightly shorter with raised handlebars, so that the ride is much more comfortable. They also come with a women's specific saddle, which is designed to compliment wider sit bones and a differently shaped pelvis.

26" Wheel

Merida Juliet 20 £374.99

Built and designed for the female rider, this bike is an excellent starting point for all new mountain bike riders, letting you feel and begin to embrace the joy of mountain biking.

27.5" / 650b Wheel

Giant Tempt 27.5 4 £525.00

With a lightweight ALUXX frameset specifically designed for women and a low standover height, this bike becomes very appealing as an entry-level mountain bike. A brilliant bike for beginners and experienced riders alike.

29" Wheel

Specialized Myka Elite Disc £650.00

Built for lightweight performance with women's geometries and components, the Myka is probably the best performing recreational mountain bike at this value.

£650 - £800

At this price point, you will notice that the bikes start to gain further technological advancements to several aspects of the bikes, with lockout progressing from mechanical to hydraulic (giving you more control over the travel on your suspension), disc brakes moving from mechanical to hydraulic (further increasing the biting power of the brakes) and also up-rated gearing from Shimano Acera to Shimano Alivio.

26" Wheel

GT Avalanche Elite £699.99

Designed for the off-road trail, and your daily commute, the 26" wheels on this bike are something everyone who has ridden a mountain bike before will be used to. Will also greatly benefit people new to cycling and compliments their learning curve perfectly.

27.5" / 650b Wheel

Scott Scale 770 £699.00

Featuring a superlight alloy frame, this model comes equipped with a 100mm fork with lockout, deore gearing and hydraulic disc brakes, almost making it the number one choice at this price range, if not for the higher-spec model.

29" Wheel

Cannondale Trail 29 4 £699.99

Using a strong, lightweight frame, you can be sure that you will be able to pedal and control this bike with ease. Ideal for budding off-road riders loving the 29" wheel set-up, you should be more than happy with this bike whether you just want to run around or take to the forest.

And for the ladies

27.5" / 650b Wheel

Merida Juliet 500 B £799.99

Sporting a 100mm travel Rock Shox fork and deore gearing, this bike is perfect for many a rider, giving you the benefit of the 27.5" wheels, you will have the best of both the 26" and 29" wheels.

29" Wheel

GT Karakoram Elite Womens £699.99

Showing off the triple triangle frame design, GT's signature design, with its performance and stability being proven time and time again. This bike is built for riders who like to roll fast on tight trails and won't sacrifice on durability or manoeuvrability.

£800 - £1,000

As you would expect, all aspects of the bikes in this price range move even further from the specification of the previous range, with travel distances on the suspension and the introduction of remote lockout, and the gearing on the bikes moving from Shimano Alivio to Shimano Deore and Shimano XT. You will also see that on some models that the aluminium composition of the frame has been improved, contributing to the bike becoming lighter, and easier to throw through those technical and tight turns on off-road courses.

27.5" / 650b Wheel

Scott Scale 760 £999.00

Featuring a super light alloy frame, this bike also comes fully equipped with a 100mm fork with remote lockout, saving you from moving your hands from the bars. With the same geometry as its carbon siblings, this is a durable & affordable hardtail designed for world-class speed.

29" Wheel

Specialized Rockhopper Pro Evo £1000.00

Not your average entry-level mountain bike, the geometry on this bike is optimised for tackling tough descents and a component spec worthy of a bike with a higher retail price. Boasting a massive tuneable 120mm fork and 15mm thru-axle, keeps this bike stiff and responsive.

Full Suspension

Sporting front and rear suspension, these bikes are the ultimate off road kit. At this price point, unfortunately, there is not a lot of choice available, due to the specification of the componentry and the cost of the rear shock pushing the price up. However, please see our pick of the bunch just below.

Mongoose Salvo Sport 29er £899.99

The only full suspension bike worth shouting about under a £1000.00, coming with 100mm front fork and entry-level Shimano gearing, this bike is perfect for starting to get used to those off road trails on your way to the office and beyond.

Not what you're looking for? Take a look at our full range of mountain bikes to find your perfect ride.

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