Ride Mapper – the new smart phone health tracker

Posted - March 17, 2014

Ride Mapper – the new smart phone health tracker available exclusively to employers and customers of Cycle Solutions.




Ride Mapper is completely free to download and use, and links in to the interactive Cycle Solutions website to help you track your cycling performance.






This new app allows the employee to view the rides they have completed on a single activity, along with Monthly, Yearly and also All-Time achievements, showing them:

  • Where they have ridden.
  • For how long.
  • How much CO2 they have saved from entering the atmosphere.
  • Calories Burnt
  • Fuel costs saved

Whilst using the Ride Mapper interactive website, users can also view a chart, which shows you a breakdown of all their activities. For example, this can include details of all cycling, running and walking. By recording all activities using the inbuilt GPS technology on their smart phones, users can track the benefits to their health and wellbeing, as well as the savings they make through the cycle to work scheme.

Ride Mapper provides users with a ‘bike shed’ facility, which sets it aside from other sports tracking apps. Users can load in details of their bikes and link them to the rides they complete. They can then compare their performance on the daily commute against recreational rides at the weekend.



Benefits To Employers

For the first time, Ride Mapper allows employers to measure the wider benefits of their cycle to work scheme. Employers using Cycle Solutions are provided with secure login details enabling them to track the health and wellbeing to their employees who join the cycle to work scheme. All employers who use the website can access interactive pages set up to display graphical information on the benefits of their cycle to work scheme. It’s a positive way for employers to announce to their workforce, and the world, that they are committed to “going green”, and reducing their Carbon Footprint!!

You can also correlate the following information into a press release within the company, to show how well you are doing as a company in promoting healthy and sustainable transport.





As an employer, you have the benefit of being able to view and correlate data from how many employees you had who signed up to the scheme, along with how many have registered for the scheme, ("Blue shows how many have not registered, and Green shows how many have registered with Ride Mapper)

Ride Mapper was developed by Cycle Solutions and uses cycle routes developed by the sustainable transport charity, Sustrans, and the national cycle network. By partnering with Cycle Solutions, employers are able to promote behavioural change across the workforce.

As a former cycling and walking officer at Milton Keynes council, Ceri Griffin of Cycle Solutions managed the development of Ride Mapper. “We work with employers across the UK and we have seen a good uptake on the cycle to work scheme we promote. However, we recognise that getting employees to join the cycle to work scheme is only half the challenge. What we, and the employers we work with, really want to achieve is a shift in commuting behaviours.

“Cycling to work saves money, but people are less aware of the health and environmental benefits. Ride Mapper lets employees track their health gains in a fun and easy to use way.

“We will be running regular competitions and challenges for employers. Already, EDF Energy has highlighted the benefits it can bring to their organisation, so we will be working closely with them and our other clients to promote the app.”

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