Reasons you're not cycling to work (and how to overcome them)

Posted - December 14, 2016

Through our Pop-Up shops and Bike Dr. events, we regularly get to chat with our customers about why they're choosing to cycle to work and sometimes why they don't want to. Over time, we repeatedly hear the same reasons that put people off so we thought we'd explain why the most common reasons we hear are not actually issues at all!


1. Distance

Off-putting for many, just thinking about the distance they currently travel being pedal-powered can end any thoughts of cycling to work but there are solutions. For new riders, start small, split your journey by using alternative transport part of the way and cycling the rest. In time you'll find the distances easier and easier and your fitness levels improve.

Another increasingly popular option is to try an electric bike! The electric motor provides power assistance to your journey, which can help take the pressure off any hill climbs but also help you maintain your speed over longer distances. An 'ebike' will actually help you travel further distances and stay in the saddle longer. 


2. Safety

A person's safety is naturally of utmost concern no matter what form of transport they use. A good understanding of your bike and the Highway Code can greatly increase your ability to understand your road positioning in relation to other vehicles, which helps mitigate the risks. In addition, using dedicated cycle paths wherever possible and always using the correct equipment for the journey including reflectives, lights, and a helmet will help you become a more confident cyclist.    


3. The weather

There is a common misconception that the weather in the UK is far too unpredictable to be cycling but the truth is far from it. London, for example, is not even one of the top 10 wettest cities in Europe and while there are going to be days where there's a drop of rain if you have the right equipment then it doesn't ever need to be an issue


4. Transporting equipment

"I need to bring my laptop/tablet/files to work" - a valid point, but easily solved. There are plenty of options to choose from around transporting your equipment by bike. Commonly people choose to use a backpack but if you mount pannier bags onto your bike then you can take any weight off your back and let your ride take it for you! Safe in the knowledge that whichever weatherproof storage option you choose your equipment will be safe and secure.


5. A new bike and equipment is too expensive

This is where we (and the Cycle to Work scheme) step in. There is no easier introduction to cycling than through the Cycle to Work scheme. You can purchase a bike, with a complete set of safety accessories (including bags/clothing/helmets/lights/lock etc) for a fraction of the retail cost, AND pay the cost of the package off via salary sacrifice in manageable, monthly installments. 

Everything you need to make cycling to work a breeze is available through our online store and delivered directly to your door. Best of all, the scheme can be set up so that it doesn't cost your employer a penny to run

So what are you waiting for? Start 2017 with a commitment to a healthier you through Cycle Solutions.

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