Milan commuters may get paid to cycle to work

Posted - March 8, 2016

Italian city considers a new scheme to encourage more people to choose to cycle to work.

Following the example set by Massorosa, a town just North of Pisa, Milan is now considering their own pilot scheme whereby commuters who choose to cycle to work instead of using their cars can be compensated for helping to ease the city's congestion and tackle rising levels of pollution.

The Massarosa scheme, implemented in late 2015, offered cyclists up to £424 per year and this new larger scale initiative, if approved, will be backed by the Government to the tune of £27m as part of their commitment to a more sustainable transport system for the city.

There is hesitation from Milanese residents to completely ditch their cars with many 'dual-mode' commuters who already use their bicycle as well as a car, stating that the cities cycling infrastructure would also need significant investment should the scheme prove successful.

Whilst there is always room for infrastructure improvement it is encouraging to see more and more international cities realising the need to incorporate cycling into their transport strategy. This push to encourage people to adopt a sustainable, zero emission travel option is clearly a positive sign and whilst money is often not the primary reason that people to choose to cycle to work it would certainly be yet another benefit to an already attractive travel option should any UK cities decide to follow suit. 

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