London 2012: The Commuters Conundrum

Posted - December 18, 2011

With the Olympics less than 12-months away, many employers across London are finally waking up to the potential transport problems that may arise.

With millions of extra visitors descending on London next Summer many are predicting chaos on the Capital’s already straining public transport system. This theme was recently put in the spotlight by the Transport Commissioner Peter Hendy during a meeting with London Assembly members and representatives of the 33 London boroughs.

Employers are being advised to put in place robust contingencies for the period of the Games, with many expected to provide remote and satellite office working options to their employees. The long awaited festival of sport kicks off on 27th July and many employers are hoping that we will be blessed by dry weather so that employees are encouraged to cycle to work.

Transport for London has published guidance for London based workers and their bosses at

Some of the most important London workers (as far as the Olympics goes) will have no problem getting about during July and August. We have been working with LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games) for the past 5 years supplying many of their employees with bikes and equipment under the cycle to work scheme. The scheme provides savings of as much as 48% from the cost of new bicycles and equipment and can be implemented by employers at no cost.

For further details call Cycle Solutions on 0845 2799970

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