Let’s get Great Britain cycling this summer!

Posted - May 28, 2012

Let’s get Great Britain cycling this summer!

It seems like it was ages ago, but just last week most of the UK was basking in glorious late May sunshine.

Being based on the South Wales coast, we saw hundreds of people out and about on the cycle tracks around Swansea Bay. The arrival of the Olympic Torch on 26th May went down a storm with kids and adults alike and is just the push some people need to dust off their bikes and head out on to the roads and trails.

With so much interest in cycling generated by the success of GB riders like Mark Cavendish and Victoria Pendleton, this summer looks set to see a real boost to the number of people who take to two wheels. Recognising this, the UK Government are using the opportunity to promote cycling to work and recreational riding through the Summer of Cycling campaign.

The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group and The Bicycle Association, alongside the force of 23 cycling organisations are aiming to double cycling this summer.

It's about encouraging everyone with an interest in cycling to share the fun and introduce just one friend, neighbour, colleague or family member to cycling.

The Summer of Cycling brings together a whole host of organisations from charities, NGOs, industry manufacturers and retailers, as well as major UK cycling event organisers. It is very much a collaborative effort, with racing organisations being able to promote the Summer of Cycling just as easily as local cycle campaign groups or cyclists like yourself.

You can register your interest on the Summer of Cycling website.

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