Getting back into Cycling

Posted - April 19, 2016

The Cycle to Work Scheme provides many people with their ideal route into cycling with the huge savings on equipment and easy salary sacrifice payment options. Many people we speak to use the scheme to buy their first bicycle since childhood and there are some things which will take a little getting used to.


Choose a bike that suits your needs

Put some thought into what will be the primary use of the bike and what terrain you will be covering. Road bikes are great for the commute and can be very quick nimble pieces of equipment but if you want to get out in the park on the weekend it may not be your ideal choice. We see more and more scheme users opting for hybrid bikes to give them options of usage. 


Learn how to maintain your bike

In terms of maintenance a bike is no different to any other vehicle, if you look after it, it will look after you. Keeping parts clean and oiled and correct storage will give you years of worry free transport. Servicing depends on usage and the rule of thumb is to do things when they are needed.


Take a leisure ride

It makes sense to get used to your new equipment without the time constraints that may be present on your commute. Take a weekend and go to a quiet cycling route and really get to know your new bike. This can serve as a great refresher into how fun cycling is but also build up your confidence in using your equipment  and understanding your limits.



We touched on it earlier but cycling is fun, it's a hobby as well as a sustainable mode of transport. Find where you like cycling, find routes that suit you and go out and enjoy them. There's a reason why more than 2 million people in the UK cycling at least once a week and why people who get back into to cycling quickly become obsessive!


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