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Posted - May 26, 2017

The advantages of cycling to work are well known to most people. Healthier, happier lives and a reduced risk of illness are just some of the benefits to the people who choose to cycle to work, but what are the implications of these for the employer?

Journeys by bike often cut out the delays that car or public transport commuters experience at peak 'rush-hour' mornings and no traffic jams equal more on-time employees! There are strong links between regular exercise and improved mental health with the cycling time after work often used as a de-stress time so when people arrive home they are not carrying the problems of their day and have better quality 'down time'. In addition to this, people who cycle to work are likely to be more productive in their role when they arrive at their desk. The health benefits don't stop there either, employees who cycle to work are, on average, fitter and healthier, boosting their immune system, meaning less sick days.

So, in short, by getting more employees on their bikes, not only do you improve their lives but you can benefit from more punctual, productive, positive, personnel! 

From a financial point of view not only do your employees make huge savings on the bikes and accessories that available through the scheme but your business saves money too, through reduced National Insurance contributions. The more popular your cycle to work scheme is, the bigger the savings will be for your business!   

How to get more staff cycling

This is the all important question. The first step is to have a great Cycle to Work scheme in place for your staff. If you don't yet have a Cycle to Work scheme then don't worry, click here and we can get you set up in minutes.

Now is the ideal time to promote cycling to your employees, not only is the weather improving and the summer stretching out ahead but Bike Week 2017 is just around the corner. Your business can benefit from this nationwide event to help get your staff into a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Bike Week is an annual, national event held in June (10th - 18th this year) that promotes cycling as a mode of sustainable transport and how easily it can be part of everyday life. You, as an employer, can leverage this event to help you get more staff cycling to work and benefit from healthier, happier, employees.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate Bike Week (and cycling) into your business:

  • Organise a bikers’ breakfast for those who cycle in on a given day on Bike Week. 
  • Organise your own events or finding one near to you via There's currently 100's of events registered throughout the UK.
  • Set up a Bicycle Users’ Group (BUG) within your business, to help existing and new cyclists at your workplace.
  • Identify a Cycle Champion within your organisation to lead the way, and empower them to be a helpful source of advice for colleagues looking to start cycling as well as a conduit for information.
  • Provide cycle parking areas for your employees

The more people you get cycling the more your business will benefit so act now to help get more people cycling, your staff will thank you!

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