Extra funding available for Cycling to Work in Scotland

Posted - September 9, 2011

After receiving extra funding for the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland, Cycling Scotland are teaming up with the Energy Saving Trust to offer interest free loans to private and tertiary sector organisations.

The loan is designed to help private and tertiary sector businesses (including Universities and Colleges) install or improve their facilities to encourage staff to cycle to work. Facilities can include cycle storage, changing room amenities including showers, ramps for improved access, better lighting and bicycle loan schemes.

To apply for a loan of up to £10,000 businesses need to register and work towards Cycle Friendly Employer status, use the loan to improve cycling facilities, be seen to actively support cycling to work and must be based in Scotland.

Studies show that staff who cycle to work are on average much healthier than those that don’t; in a recent survey by the Cycle to Work Alliance 87% stated they felt a significant improvement in their health since taking up cycling to work.

Encouraging staff to cycle to work can also have a positive effect on the carbon footprint of organisations; in the same survey it was found that since the Cycle to Work Scheme began employees have saved 4,125,136 tonnes of co2 (am I right in saying since the scheme began?) the equivalent of the annual co2 emissions of 758 homes.

If you would like to apply for the interest free loan and are based in Scotland, you have until the 15th June 2011 to apply. Loans will be granted on a first-come first-served basis.

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