Cycle to Work Alliance survey reinforces scheme benefits

Posted - August 31, 2017

A recent survey by the Cycle to Work Alliance (C2WA) has found that the scheme is converting huge numbers of people to take up active travel and is getting increasing numbers of people to reduce the amount they drive.

The C2WA, a coalition of four of the leading providers of the scheme has completed its annual survey to find out the benefits of the Cycle to Work scheme. Over 7,000 people responded to the survey and the findings back up why the Cycle to Work scheme continues to be one of the most popular workplace benefits in the UK.

The results show that, to date, 500,000 people have obtained a bike through the Cycle to Work scheme and users are, on average, saving £776 each year on their commute. The scheme is also getting existing cyclists to cycle more. The distance being covered by pedal powered commuters is a whopping 1,800 miles each year on average, the equivalent of cycling from Lands End to John O'Groats and back!

The employers who offer the scheme are also pleased with the results, with 63.5% of them saying that the scheme has a positive impact on employees' health.

Steve Edgell, chair of the Cycle to Work Alliance and Managing Director of Cycle Solutions said:

The response to the survey was incredibly positive. The benefits of the scheme are clearly felt by both employees and employers – improving health in the workplace, increasing productivity and saving employees money on their commute. 

With a greater focus than ever on the importance of employers promoting employee wellbeing and health, it is clear from a business perspective that the scheme is making a big contribution in these areas.

“The next step is to look at how we can expand access to the cycle to work scheme, for example by including electric bikes under the scheme, so people that live further from their workplaces can also access these benefits.”


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