Cycle to Work Alliance helps to put Brake on cycling accidents

Posted - July 12, 2012

The Cycle to Work Alliance have teamed up with Brake, the UK’s leading road safety charity, to increase awareness of the role employers can play in helping their staff to cycle to work safely.

Brake’s ‘Cycle for Life’ seminar, taking place on Tuesday 17th July in London, will hear from Ryan Bedford, Cycling Manager at BskyB, Sophie Brown of Transport for London and Steve Edgell, Director of Cycle Solutions and Chair of the Cycle to Work Alliance.

Steve will discuss how employers can set up a cycle to work scheme and provide their employees with access to high quality cycling safety equipment.  His presentation will also highlight how, by enabling employees to make savings on the cost of their bike and cycling equipment, the scheme is encouraging greater numbers of commuters to cycle to, from and at work.  In offering the cycle to work scheme, businesses are able to help their staff save up to 42% on the cost of a bike.  This demonstrates a clear commitment to improving the safety and health of their workforce.

Commenting on the seminar, Steve Edgell said: “Cycling safety has become an increasingly prominent issue over the last few months. We, at the Cycle to Work Alliance, welcome this growing interest - action is needed to make our cyclists safe.

Providers work to ensure employers and their staff are aware that cycling safety equipment is available through the scheme. Ensuring that individuals choosing to cycle to work have the right gear is a fundamental aspect in improving cycling safety. Coupled with improved cycling infrastructure and greater driver awareness, it will encourage greater numbers of individuals onto their bikes”

Sophie Brown, Business Engagement Project Manager at Transport for London said: “Employers have an enormous potential to encourage their staff to lead active and healthier lifestyles. The cycle to work scheme is a proven method of achieving this. Transport for London is currently working to build on this success through the development of the Employers4Cycling website.  This will provide businesses with the practical information they need to make cycling easy and affordable for their staff.”

Nick Scarlett, Development Officer at Brake commented: “We are pleased that the Cycle to Work Alliance has thrown its support behind our work to raise awareness and campaign for improved road safety. Enhancing the safety of all who use the roads is of paramount importance and none more so than for cyclists.”

  • The Brake seminar is taking place at Bolt Burden Kemp Solicitors, Providence House, Providence Place, Islington, London, N1 0NT. The seminar takes place between 17th July 2012 between 12.30pm & 4pm
  • Further information about the event, including how to register, can be found here
  • For further information about Brake please visit

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