Cardiff closes to motorists for Car Free Day

Posted - September 22, 2016

You may have noticed a slight difference in your commute this morning if you work in Cardiff city centre. The city is acknowledging 'World Car-Free Day' and has closed its busy Park Place Street to motorised vehicles in an effort to promote sustainable, active travel. 

This will be the Welsh capitals first attempt at going car-free and is positive step in encouraging people to swap their cars for and cycle or walk to their workplace. The move has not been without objection but the compromise found by the Council is a huge boost to cycling commuters in the city and a show of support to get more people on their bike and cycling to work.

If this years' event proves successful it could be the start of bigger and better plans to offer improved, dedicated cycling infrastructure to the residents of Cardiff. This could then provide a proven model, to be copied by other cities across the UK giving cyclists the levels of infrastructure they want to make cycling an integral part of their daily life.

It's great to see how seriously active travel is being taken by a major city, and this can only be a positive step towards better travelling conditions for all. This could well prove to be the first step in getting new cyclists back in the saddle, after all, if you build it, they will come.

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